ACTOR Physics Demo

| 19 Jul 2021

From 1998 to 1999, MathEngine became the first major contender for physics technology. While Havok, Ipion, and other competitors were also working hard to launch, MathEngine was able to ally itself with several companies ahead of the technology being releaseable.

2000 was a crucial year to decide which physics middleware would be able to capture the market of next-generation games, especially on PlayStation 2 and the incoming Windows XP.

To that end, Vivid Image created this demo in collaboration with MathEngine, to demonstrate a fully working real-time simulation on consumer hardware. The player can manipulate objects by a simple click-drag mechanic, similar to the physgun in Garry’s Mod, and can even make them hover in mid-air as well. Basketballs and soccer balls bounce with realistic dampening, and the corresponding basketball hoop can even track your score.

Actor also supports custom environments, though none have been found or made by us.

A second build of ACTOR exists, meant to be a special demonstration of Pentium 4 performance. It will lock out any other processor, including modern Intel Core chips.